DCI 600D_Bracket_3The Patented 600D Inline Mounting Bracket was designed to accommodate all frame dimensions when mounting soffit-applied door hardware to the 600 Series Door Coordinator. Soffit-widths are no longer a concern eliminating the need to order two different style mounting brackets. Available in Black Prime Coat and US28 Powder Coat Gray finishes to match the 600 Series Coordinator. Both Bracket and Coordinator are 100% Made in the USA.




Universal Flush_Bolt_PicThe Patented 862/962 Universal Automatic Flush Bolts – Metal & Wood Doors  will allow you the option of installing it in either a Metal or Wood Door. It is packaged as a complete set to be used in recessed or flush metal doors or wood doors. The decision of what to stock becomes easy. The 8900 Universal Frame Kit is offered to accommodate for different backsets while prepping the frame for Automatic Flush Bolts. Both products are 100% Made in the USA.






3315xbwThe 3315X Universal Cast Dome Stop is now available in all architectural finishes.  Its universal design incorporates key features of both low and high dome stops by having a low lip and a high dome - eliminating the need to stock two styles of dome stops.  Take the worry out of ordering and specify the 3315X Universal Dome Stop for all floor coverings.






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