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Problem: Door Abuse to the Inactive Door in Patient Hospital Rooms
DCI has a simple solution for protecting paired door openings in patient hospital rooms during emergency situations. The room becomes hectic with multiple personnel and equipment. Health care providers must act quickly and there is no time to consider how to open the doors.
In the past, a Manual Flush Bolt locked the inactive door. To open the door it had to be manually unlocked, but not all health care providers knew this. In high stress situations they used brutal force to try to open the door and caused damage to the door, frame and or associated hardware.

DCI’s Solution: Two-Piece Automatic Flush Bolt & Roller Latch
Now by installing the 860/960 Automatic Flush Bolt and 4030 Roller Latch the staff can easily open both doors without a struggle. The 860/ 960 AFB and 4030 Roller Latch are installed at the top of the inactive door locking the door when in the closed position. Once the active door is opened, the 860/960 AFB retracts and unlocks the inactive door while the 4030 Roller Latch holds the door in a closed unlocked position. This allows the health care provider the ability to create a wider opening by only pushing on the inactive door to release the 4030 Roller Latch.

Life-Safety made simple.

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